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How To Register: In order to register you must first make a username and password (see "Register" on the top right of the page or "Sign Up" below). Once you have a username and password you can log in and pre-register for the youth program and/or tennis via "Membership Order Form" found under "Join the CCC" tab. Please email info@chilmarkcommunitycenter.org with questions. Thank you!

The Chilmark Community Center is just what it says it is – a social center for the townspeople of Chilmark, summer visitors and year-round residents alike. In July and August the Center hosts a program for children and families which offers a play school, a morning program with a full range of indoor and outdoor activities, and an evening program of movies, lectures, dancing and music for children and adults of all ages. Off-season, it provides the setting for a variety of events, including pre-school classes, wedding receptions, clambakes and the Fire Department’s annual Christmas party. The Center began as a handful of informal traditions which took place during the summer in private places around town. On Mondays, the Masons hosted a sing-along; on Wednesdays, the Leventhals showed movies in their basement; and Curly Carroll fiddled and called square dances at the Cornerway. Then, in 1956, through the efforts of the Town Affairs Council, an association of summer and permanent residents, and a gift of land from Roger Baldwin, a building was erected to house all these activities and more.